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From Heikki Hyyrö <>
Subject Action path prefix rules?
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2020 08:47:27 GMT

I am a bit confused about the rules concerning mapping URL paths to 
actions. Let's say that I have a Struts application running at with the app name "myApp". Then the usual path to access a 
Struts action named "foo" would presumably be

Now, it seems to be also possible to access the foo-action even by 
adding a more or less arbitrary path prefix before the app name. E.g. 
also both

seem to access foo. I am wondering where the rules that allow this are 
defined? What would be the relevant documentation to look into?

As a specifid question, I wonder about links. If the foo-page contains 
e.g. a link created with the url-tag, such as

<s:url action="bar" var="barUrl">
   <s:param name="par" value="#something" />
<s:a href="%{viewCourseUrl}">
   Link to bar-action

the link does not include any "extra" path prefix and always points to I am wondering why this happens? And what 
if I actually would want the link to reflect the actual access URL, 
including any "extra" path prefix (e.g. the link might point to Is this possible?


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