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Subject svn commit: r903420 - in /subversion/site/publish: faq.html features.html
Date Tue, 26 Jan 2010 21:14:15 GMT
Author: cmpilato
Date: Tue Jan 26 21:14:13 2010
New Revision: 903420

* site/publish/faq.html
* site/publish/features.html,
  Fix some broken links and links to that should be aimed at


Modified: subversion/site/publish/faq.html
--- subversion/site/publish/faq.html (original)
+++ subversion/site/publish/faq.html Tue Jan 26 21:14:13 2010
@@ -309,16 +309,14 @@
 <h3>Is Subversion proprietary?  I heard that it
 belongs to CollabNet.</h3>
-<p>No, Subversion is open source / free software.  CollabNet pays the
-salaries of several full-time developers, and holds the copyright on
-the code, but that copyright is <a
-Apache/BSD-style license</a>
-which is fully compliant with the <a
-href="">Debian Free
-Software Guidelines</a>.  In other words, you are free to download,
-modify, and redistribute Subversion as you please; no permission from
-CollabNet or anyone else is required.</p>
+<p>No, Subversion is open source / free software.  CollabNet (and other
+companies) pay the salaries of some full-time developers, but the
+software carries an <a href=""
+>Apache License</a> which is fully compliant with
+the <a href="">Debian
+Free Software Guidelines</a>.  In other words, you are free to
+download, modify, and redistribute Subversion as you please; no
+permission from CollabNet or anyone else is required.</p>
@@ -591,9 +589,7 @@
 <div class="h3" id="release" title="release">
 <h3>When's the next release?</h3>
-<p>See our status page, <a
+<p>See our <a href="/roadmap.html">Roadmap page</a>.</p>
@@ -641,8 +637,8 @@
   <li><a href="">The Subversion Book</a></li>
   <li><a href="mailing-lists.html">The
        Subversion Users mailing list</a> (<a
-       href=""
-       ></a>)
+       href=""
+       ></a>)
        &mdash; note that the list is <a href="#moderation">moderated</a>,
        there may be a delay before your post shows up</li>
   <li><a href="">The Subversion Users list
@@ -2675,8 +2671,7 @@
 <p>To work around this, set the environment variable
 SVN_ASP_DOT_NET_HACK to any value&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;this will tell
 Windows clients to use "_svn" as a directory name in your working
-copy.  See <a
+copy.  See <a href="/docs/release-notes/1.3.html#_svn-hack"
 >the relevant section of the Subversion 1.3 release notes</a> for more
 details, and see <a href="#adm-dir">this question</a> for other ways to
 customize the administrative directory name.</p>
@@ -3128,7 +3123,7 @@
 'copies' table, which switches from the 'btree' type to the 'recno'
 type.  Simple recovery procedures are outlined below - if they do not
 succeed, you should contact the Subversion Users <a
-  href="">mailing list</a>.</p>
+  href="">mailing list</a>.</p>
   <li>Ensure that no other processes will attempt to access your

Modified: subversion/site/publish/features.html
--- subversion/site/publish/features.html (original)
+++ subversion/site/publish/features.html Tue Jan 26 21:14:13 2010
@@ -234,7 +234,7 @@
     <strong>And more...</strong>
     <p>...even when we manage to keep this list up-to-date, it isn't
     possible to list every little feature.  See the <a
-    href="index.html#help" >documentation</a> for more information.</p>
+    href="docs/" >documentation</a> for more information.</p>

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