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Subject svn propchange: r1073325 - svn:log
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2011 17:17:21 GMT
Author: cmpilato
Revision: 1073325
Modified property: svn:log

Modified: svn:log at Tue Feb 22 17:17:21 2011
--- svn:log (original)
+++ svn:log Tue Feb 22 17:17:21 2011
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ fixing TODO number 2 listed at the top o
 The working copy path was hardcoded to the current working directory.
 Add an optional WC_PATH argument to override this.
-The configuration file path was harded to ~/.subversion/config.
+The configuration file path was hardcoded to ~/.subversion/config.
 This file affects all svn clients and settings for all working copies.
 In some situations users might want to use a different configuration file
 to configure a specific set of autoprops, so add a new --config option.

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