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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Subversion Wiki] Update of "ServerDictatedConfiguration" by CMichaelPilato
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2011 14:58:20 GMT
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The "ServerDictatedConfiguration" page has been changed by CMichaelPilato:

Attempt to record the most commonly requested server-dictated config bits and some notes about

  Subversion already provides the means of enforcing much (but not all) of this configuration
through the hook script mechanism.  What our users desire is some way of having the server
dictate a default or recommended configuration to clients.  The parameters of interest typically
come from the standard client-side config: things like global-excludes or auto-props.  Allowing
the administrator to store a default config on the server, which then gets pushed to the clients,
would save both time and frustration.
- === Goals ===
  === Behavioral specification ===
  The high-level behavior for repository-dictated configuration is relatively simple: the
repository maintains a list of configuration parameters and values, and upon request, provides
these to the client who then applies them appropriately.
- It should be noted that the configuration the server dictates is only a *suggestion* to
the client.  Clients may choose to override the suggestion with a configuration of their own,
so appropriate server-side enforcement (often via hook scripts) is still recommended.
+ There are a number of specific bits of configuration that existing Subversion users and
administrators wish to have propagated from the server to the client.  There are also different
scopes at which administrators might reasonably wish to apply differing defaults for these
things:  server-wide, repository-wide, or local to a particular directory hierarchy within
a specific repository.  The following is a listing of those that we know about, with some
notes about scope and desired degrees of control:
+ || '''Configuration''' || '''Scope''' || '''Enforceability''' || '''Notes''' ||
+ || auto-props || per-directory || Enforceable via hook scripts || Clients should be allowed
to override this ||
+ || log message templates || per-directory || Enforceable via hook scripts ||  Doesn't fit
the name=value configuration motif quite as readily as some of the others.  Would a client
need to override this? ||
+ || myriad authn-related stuff || per-server, per-repos || Un-enforceable || Lack of enforceability
plus relationship to security means that admins do not want the client to be able to trivially
override this setting.  Precise requirements TBD (is this a boolean "allow/disallow plaintext
password caching", or "require X, Y or Z encrypted password stores", or ...?  ||
+ NOTE: The configuration the server dictates can at best be only a suggestion to the client,
with well-behaving clients honoring that suggestion.  As free software, though, most such
clients could be modified by a malicious user to ignore server-side suggestions.  Server-side
enforcement of desired behaviors (where possible, and often via hook scripts) is still recommended.
  === Server-client transmission mechanism ===
@@ -20, +25 @@

  === Server-side storage ===
- ''TODO''
+ ''[TODO]''
  === Client-side storage ===

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