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Subject svn commit: r1812686 - /subversion/site/README
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2017 21:50:15 GMT
Author: jcorvel
Date: Thu Oct 19 21:50:14 2017
New Revision: 1812686

* site/README: Add a note about the "staging" site, and describe the workflow
  for making changes on staging, and promoting (merging) them to publish.


Modified: subversion/site/README
--- subversion/site/README (original)
+++ subversion/site/README Thu Oct 19 21:50:14 2017
@@ -4,7 +4,23 @@
 (Note: this file is not visible on the Subversion site)
 This tree contains the Subversion web site.  The DocumentRoot is pointed
-at the publish/ directory.
+at the publish/ directory.  Apart from the production website we also have
+a "staging" version, which is in the staging/ directory (and served as  We use the following workflow:
+  1) Commit your changes to staging.  Other developers get the commit mail
+     via the notifications@ mailinglist.  For large or sensitive changes it
+     is recommended to send a mail describing your changes to dev@ to draw
+     some extra attention.
+  2) Wait for others to review.  Iterate as needed by doing further changes
+     on staging.
+  3) If any other committer says +1, or if you get no reactions within 72 
+     hours (lazy consensus), go ahead and "promote" to the live site by
+     performing a (complete) merge from staging to publish.
+Exception: security announcements are committed directly to the live site.
 A discussion on how to set up a local mirror of the Subversion site is
 available at
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