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From David Aldrich <David.Aldr...@EU.NEC.COM>
Subject RE: Auto-props - can I override the config file?
Date Fri, 26 Mar 2010 12:04:47 GMT
Hi Andy

Thanks for your quick reply.

> The later. Auto-props are applied when you run svn add, so after the
> developer has added his encrypted file, he can edit the properties &
> make them right.

Actually, my previous post was incorrect - the error occurs upon add not commit:

C:\>svn add myfile.v
svn: File 'myfile.v' has binary mime type property

But I have found switch --no-auto-props, which solves the problem:

C:\>svn add --no-auto-props myfile.v
A  (bin)  myfile.v

Thanks for your help,


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