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From "Tobias G. Pfeiffer" <>
Subject Re: merging repositories
Date Fri, 26 Mar 2010 11:27:53 GMT

thanks for your reply!

Am Donnerstag, 25. März 2010, 12:48 schrieb Jon Foster:
> Tobias wrote:
> > I have a project with two different repositories,
> > that I want to merge into one common repository.
> Would "svndumptool merge" do what you want?

A comment at the top of svndump/ says "handle copyfrom-rev !!!", 
so I'm afraid it does not ;-)

I hoped that this repository merging would be a problem that many people 
before me have experienced and that there would be an easy solution for 
that... and still hope I don't have to touch the dumps to modify 
revision numbers myself... but if so, is my interpretation (see below) 
of what "svnadmin load" does correct, w.r.t. references to previous 

> ...when a commit (say, rev100) from repoA refers to some commit
> in the past of repoA (say, rev98).
>  With a normal "svnadmin load" (loading repoA:rev100 into
> repoC:rev500), this will work, as this command internally seems to
> say "don't use revision number 98, but the commit two revisions
> before", which isn't 98 any more, but 498 now.


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                   -- Voltaire

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