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From "Jon Foster" <>
Subject RE: merging repositories
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2010 11:48:48 GMT

Tobias wrote:
> I have a project with two different repositories,
> that I want to merge into one common repository.

Would "svndumptool merge" do what you want?

(I haven't tried it, it's just something I found and
bookmarked when investigating Subversion)

> The simplest way would surely be to say:
>  $ svnadmin dump Base/ base.dmp
>  $ svnadmin dump Develop/ develop.dmp
>  $ svnadmin load --parent-dir "Base/" Merged/ < base.dmp
>  $ svnadmin load --parent-dir "Develop/" Merged/ < develop.dmp
> However, this does not semantically respect the correct time order
> Will "svnadmin load" keep the commit dates

Yes.  They're just a revision property.

> and if so, what would be the outcome of, say,
> "svn update -r {someDate}"?)

Undefined (and unpredictable).  My understanding is that this
does a binary search, which will go haywire if your dates
aren't monotonically increasing.  So you can't use it on
such repositories.

Kind regards,


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