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From Olivier Sannier <>
Subject Re: Tigris binary packages for Windows
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2010 10:27:00 GMT
Troy Simpson wrote:
> For base-level support, we narrowed that down to apache 2.2x.  Do we really
> need to support all the python builds? They were a great service from D.J.
> Heap, but now that we don't have that, do we really need to ditch all
> windows builds?  What we could look at is a standard base-level windows
> build that most people use.  Personally, I just use a windows client, as do
> many users - I don't even use the apache bindings, nor do many windows
> users.  We could leave specialised builds to teams who want to support them
> which in theory would make the job at this end much easier.
Well, I, for one, would need the Apache 2.2 bindings but I do not need 
the Python bindings at all, which I suspect most users don't either.
So basic binaries with 2.2 support would be perfect for starters

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