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From Andy Levy <>
Subject Re: Auto-props - can I override the config file?
Date Fri, 26 Mar 2010 11:47:08 GMT
On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 07:39, David Aldrich <> wrote:
> Hi
> Our svn config file contains the line:
> *.v = svn:eol-style=native;svn:keywords=Date Author Id Revision HeadURL
> This assumes that .v files are Verilog text files.  However, one of our
> developers has a third party encrypted .v file that he wants to add. The
> file is binary because it is encrypted. This causes a conflict with the
> eol-style auto-prop and he gets error:
> “myfile.v has binary mime type property”
> and the commit fails.
> My question is, can I set properties on the file’s parent folder to override
> the auto-prop settings in the config file for *.v files, such that the
> eol-style will not be applied to *.v files added to that folder?
> Or can I set properties on the file prior to committing it, in such a way
> that the auto-props will be ignored?

The later. Auto-props are applied when you run svn add, so after the
developer has added his encrypted file, he can edit the properties &
make them right.

Or, remove this line from that developer's auto-props entirely.

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