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From David Weintraub <>
Subject Re: ignore local change
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2010 17:35:37 GMT
There's no way to do this easily:

Ignoring is only for non-subversion files. For example, if every time
I do a build, a directory called "build" is created, I can create an
ignore, so that this directory won't show up on "svn status', but if a
file is changed and is part of the Subversion repository, ignore won't

What you can do is create a changelist and use that when you do
commands like svn status and svn diff. (BTW, I think you meant "svn
diff" in your original post. All "svn status" would do is list that
the file was modified).

Unfortunately, you have to keep manually maintaining your changelists
and remember to use the --cl parameter when you do things like "svn
status", "svn info", and of course, "svn commit".

Just as aside: I like the way Perforce handles changelists. In
Perforce you have the concept of a default changelist. All files that
are changed are placed in the default changelist unless you specify
otherwise. When you do any workspace command like a diff or commit,
and you don't specify a changelist, Perforce automatically operates
only on the default changelist.

That makes it easy to make a change in a file, and then toss it into
an "ignore" changelist. Doing a diff or status will ignore the
"ignore" changelist unless you specify otherwise in the workspace
command. And, most importantly, when you do a commit, and you don't
specify a changelist, only the files in your default changelist are
committed and not the ones in your "ignore" changelist.

The only issue is that developers sometimes forget about their
"ignore" changelist and never revert the changes or commit them. That
can allow a build to succeed on a developer's machine, but fail when
the build server attempts to do the build.

On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 12:54 PM, Ben Kim <> wrote:
> Dear list,
> version: subversion 1.6.6 on cygwin, FC12 and also tortoise svn.
> I have some local changes that I want to keep, and wish they did not show up
> in svn status.
> For example,
> on production
>        mail = "#users_real_email#"
> on dev machine
>        mail = "#fake_email_for_debugging#"
> I want subversion to ignore this difference when I do "svn status" locally.
> < mail = "#users_real_email#"
> ---
>> mail = "#fake_email_for_debugging#"
> But if there are other changes except for this, I want them to show upon
> "svn status".
> There is a need to change the file from time to time, so I don't want to put
> the whole file in svn:ignore list.
> Is there a feature in subversion or subversion-perl that allows me to let
> subversion "ignore" only certain differences within a file?
> Thanks.
> Ben Kim

David Weintraub

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