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From Jeremy Whitlock <>
Subject Re: @ the turkey who compiled OSX svn 1.6 with hardcoded path of /opt/subversion...
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2010 15:51:37 GMT
> On Mar 24, 2010, at 20:56, Matt Harrison wrote:
>> ...please don't do that again.
>> is it asking too much to choose where to install it? or at least using something
standard like /usr/local with soft links into /usr/local/bin?

Well, that turkey is me.  There are actually a few things to discuss
here so we might as well go ahead and address each:

1) My Subversion builds are not custom.  They use Subversion build
scripts, untouched I might add, and the OS X tooling I use is also
untouched.  Any unsatisfactory result of this is not the cause of "the
turkey" but of the tooling.  I too have been biten by this or wanted
to change it so that hardcoded paths at least would be relative
instead of absolute but things are they way they are.  I'm not sure of
the problems they are causing you but if you would share, I'm sure I'm
competent enough to fix them.

2) The reason I chose /opt/subversion instead of the "standard"
locations is a simple one: There are many different ways to install
Subversion and I wanted to install somewhere that is not going to
interfere with other distributions.  A perfect example of this is
installing my binary and SCPlugin.  If I adhere to the /usr/local
"standard", both tools would have issues as they install their shared
libraries to the same place.  Being a Subversion committer, and not
just some CollabNet drone on the payroll, I also was trying to make it
so you could have my binary installed and it not interfere with the
Subversion development I was doing.  /opt is a standard location on
Unix platforms to install optional software, which Subversion is.

3) My work on maintaining the OS X binary is not a CollabNet thing.  I
don't get paid for it, I've gotten no kick backs/bonuses or anything
like that.  I started doing this when there was a need and to this day
it's still the most complete package you can find without using a
package manager.  Sure, I host it on CollabNet's site as a win-win for
them and me.  (The win for me is I don't have to worry about my web
hosting plan running out of bandwidth and the win for CollabNet is
they get some publicity from it.)  I am solely responsible for the
binary and CollabNet has no involvement in it other than the hosting
of the downloads.

4) My build process is in the open and finding the build script would
be easy had you read anything in the installer.  That being said,
being the only person involved with this and having no support/QA or
anything like that, it's more than possible that I could have a flaw
in my build process.  I've not see anything to that effect and neither
has anyone that's reached out to me.  (Yes, I've had to explain the
/opt vs. other standards a few times but in most cases, people
understand why when I explain it.)  The best part about this is I do
all of this IN THE OPEN.  Feel free to see the script at, again just like is mentioned in
the installer documentation.

Those things being said, if you'd like to contribute or make formal
requests about the binary, you now know I'm the guy to reach out to.
(Again, had you read anything in the installer you would had seen my
direct email and wouldn't of had to name call.)  Having problems with
the binary is one thing but the approach you took to voice your
complains were pretty childish.  It's people like you that make
generous people like myself question why they even bother.

Take care,

Jeremy Whitlock

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