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From Jeremy Whitlock <>
Subject Re: @ the turkey who compiled OSX svn 1.6 with hardcoded path of /opt/subversion...
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2010 21:35:09 GMT
> 1st, thank you Jeremy!

No problem.  Out of the thousands of people that download the binary,
to have only a handful of complaints isn't bad.  ;)

> 2nd, from a sysadmin perspective, I appreciate that the installation
> process doesn't presume to know where everything goes. Having one
> complete install structure has several advantage, like seeing how big it
> is. I simply created links to the binaries in
> /opt/CollabNet_Subversion/bin, in my preferred binary path, /usr/bin/.

I agree.  When I first shipped the binary I used /usr/local but for me
to maintain an uninstallation script was a nightmare because of all of
the files in /usr/local that might not be related to my binary, like
the dependencies and such.  I think there are many benefits to having
the binary in a single, isolated location instead of being co-mingled
with other softwares.  In the end, I stand behind my reasoning.  To
each his/her own I guess.

> 3rd, If your OS uses something like rpm, (Linux RH4 in my case), I used
> the --relocate function to put the binaries in /usr/bin (on my desktop).

I thought about that as well, having the installer allow you to choose
where to install and having a script ran during the installation that
would relocate.  I already have the script done, since it's part of my
build process.  I just have never had anyone ask for such a thing.
Most times, I explain my reasoning and people agree, or at least they
don't bring it up again.

Thanks for the feedback.

Take care,

Jeremy Whitlock

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