Troy Simpson wrote:



I can still build the installer, but I have never built binaries.  The installer code in the repository is NOT the latest code.  I had lost commit access for a time during the transition and by the time I got that access back there are no more binaries, so it has been pointless to continue development.  If someone could produce binaries I could get the installer back on track, otherwise it’s not worth spending any time on if the project will not support (as in supply) windows binaries.


I was advised to discuss this on the dev list, which is what I did, however there has been zero response.  There is more discussion on the user end than the developer end.  If anyone in user-land has the capability to construct the binaries in a similar fashion to the way they were produced before, I for one would bring this to the attention of the developer list if nobody else does.  It is my opinion that the project should have a ‘supported’ release to assist with bug finding and to provide end-users with a standard base-level release.

So the situation is as follows:

The previous builder (DJ Heap?) does not have the time to build the Win32 binaries anymore.
I, for one, could dedicate a few hours to create the latest ones and the next ones as well. It does not seem too much complicated to build them.
What I'm lacking is a description of what to run and in what order.
I mean, there are Python scripts related to win32 in the build folder, but I am not sure what they are doing. Having a simple "step by step" guide would actually save time.
Is there a way to ask the previous builder to at least document this?