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From Dean Schulze <>
Subject RE: Merging branch back to trunk omits dirs and files that were added in the branch
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2010 16:20:57 GMT
The new directories did not exist in the trunk.
I eventually "merged" my changes from the branch to the trunk by doing a diff between the
working copies of the branch and trunk.  The svn merge did get some of the changed files,
but the tree conflicts seem random.
I tried again this morning to reintegrate the branch to the trunk after mofifying four files. 
No additions or deletions, just 4 modified files.  The svn merge created a few dozen tree
conflicts.  It marked as tree tree conflicts several of my top level build*.xml files that
were not changed at all.  It did pick up two of the changed files and merge them to the trunk. 
I used diff again and it showed the other two files unmerged - even though according to svn
they had been merged.
svn merging is completely broken.  Tree conflicts are simply out of control.

--- On Tue, 6/1/10, Jeremy Mordkoff <jlm@ZeeVee.Com> wrote:

From: Jeremy Mordkoff <jlm@ZeeVee.Com>
Subject: RE: Merging branch back to trunk omits dirs and files that were added in the branch
To: "Dean Schulze" <>,
Date: Tuesday, June 1, 2010, 1:35 PM

Sounds like the target directories already existed in trunk. How did they get created? 
Jeremy Mordkoff
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ZeeVee, Inc.
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Mobile: 978-257-2183 

From: Dean Schulze [] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2010 2:48 PM
Subject: Merging branch back to trunk omits dirs and files that were added in the branch

I've tried this with both TortoiseSVN and the merge tool that comes with Subclipse.


I've added subdirectories with files under several directories on the branch (along with
many other changes).  When I merge back to the trunk the top level directories under which
I added the subdirectories and files show up as tree conflicts.  None of the sub-directories
or files show up.  I mark the tree conflicts as resolved (I mark all tree conflicts as resolved
choosing the repository / branch file whenever asked to resolve manually).


In the merged trunk the new subdirectories and files are missing all together.  The trunk
svn:mergeinfo shows the correct range of revisions.


What do I have to do to simply merge the branch back to the trunk?


Firstly, this is not a conflict of any kind.  I added those directories and files intentionally. 


Secondly, ever since tree conflicts were added to svn I've found svn to be completely unreliable
when it comes to merging.  How do I turn off tree conflicts (eliminate them all together)?


What do I have to do to get back to reliable merging, switch to git?


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