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From "Alec Kloss" <>
Subject Re: sasl mechanisms order
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2010 17:42:11 GMT
On 2010-07-27 09:14, Victor Sudakov wrote:
> Thank you for having found this out. This is truly amazing. This means
> that if perchance I touch a file in /usr/local/lib/sasl2/, my Kerberos
> SSO can stop working?

Well, that's pretty unlikely.  It's moderately difficult to re-arrange
the order of files in a directory.  Assuming you're installing using a
packaging system that removes old version prior to installing new ones
and only does reasonable things with file creation order, your
/usr/local/lib/sasl2 directory should start empty and then get the
gssapi module installed after the digest-md5 module (probably because of
the order they're declared in the Makefile for Cyrus sasl).  Now if you
were creating and deleting a bunch of other files in that directory and
then installing sasl into that directory... bad things might happen to
you.  It's even possible if you have some perverse backup software.  But
anyway it's still definitely not a good thing.  I'd dread the day
someone changed the Cyrus SASL Makefile and got them installed in
reverse order.

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