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From BRM <>
Subject Re: Mailing lists? Really?
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2010 21:55:39 GMT
----- Original Message ----

> > Certainly not. Nor do you have to subscribe to post. As a  non-subscriber 
>your post will be moderated but if you are patient it will be  approved through 
>fairly quickly (says I as one of the moderators).
> >     
> And indeed, I started this thread without subscribing.  But I  still can't find 
>a way to respond to an existing message without first having  that message in my 
>inbox.  That's my main problem.

I just opened, and then searched for subversion. Both the 
subversion-dev and subversion users lists came up at the top. Here's the users:

And even this thread:

Note that there is also a way to post to the list via this interface's "+ new 
post" button. I didn't join the group through that interface, but it seems that 
the "new post" button makes you join the group before you can post. It has a 
nifty forward feature gmail style already there regardless, and I'm guessing you 
will get the "reply" after joining the group.



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