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From "Varnau, Steve (Neoview)" <>
Subject RE: Possible bug in svn's gnome-keyring support?
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2010 16:08:33 GMT

If svn is configured to use a Gnome keyring, then it is trying to store the password you are
giving on the command line in the keyring. Hence it is prompting for the gnome-keyring password.
 If you also specify –no-auth-cache, then you might not get a prompt.


From: Jeremy Wall []
Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2010 8:09 AM
Subject: Possible bug in svn's gnome-keyring support?


I noticed after updating svn to version 1.6.6 that svn now has gnome-keyring support.

However It seems to ignore the --username --password flags if that support is enabled. I don't
use the gnome-keyring or even gnome but subversion refused to let me commit until I turned
off password-stores in the config despite giving it a valid username and password. Instead
it would prompt for the gnome-keyring password which is not set up for me and refuse to continue
until I successfully authenticated to the keyring.

This seems like the wrong behavior to me. Is it intended?

Here is my subversion information:

svn, version 1.6.6 (r40053)
   compiled Dec 12 2009, 05:06:12

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