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From Bastien Semene <>
Subject changing svn:externals value in the pre-revprop-change hook
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2010 15:38:46 GMT

The doc says that we should not "/modify a commit transaction using hook 
scripts/", but it is possible.

We actually have to change svn:externals values for replication :
- SVNs X1-Y1-... replicate SVNs X-Y-...
- And there are svn:externals between SVN X-Y-...

If we do nothing svn:externals into X1 points to SVN Y instead of SVN Y1.

- Will this modification will break something on the client side, as a 
user only see the master or a slave ?
- Does someone use the pre-revprop-change hook script like this ?
- Is there a cleaner solution ?

Thanks for your advices.

Bastien Semene
Administrateur Réseau&  Système

Cyanide Studio - FRANCE

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