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From Ds Jstc <>
Subject Mailing lists? Really?
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2010 18:13:26 GMT
I've been using subversion in a lighthearted way for a couple of years, 
recommending it to clients, sending a little money to Tigris now and 
then.  It works very well for most of what I need it for.  But I have 
one big problem that I can't resolve.

It's this: the mailing list paradigm drives me insane.

I want to search for solutions, complain about my favorite missing 
features, and reply to other people's problems when I've already solved 
them.  But I can't seem to do that without subscribing to the mailing 
list.  And my inbox is entirely full enough, thank you.

There are probably thousands of competent, helpful people like me who 
would love to participate, but won't subscribe to yet another list.  You 
aren't hearing from them... because they're not subscribed.  Please 
change over to a threaded forum, so I can participate without resorting 
to email.

Is this something Tigris can change?  Is it worth opening a new issue 
report about it?  Everything I've found in the system is two years old 
or more.


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