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From Ralph Seichter <>
Subject Re: Mailing lists? Really?
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2010 21:02:58 GMT
On 28.07.10 20:13, Ds Jstc wrote:

> my inbox is entirely full enough, thank you.

There are numerous fine MUAs out there which will gladly sort your
incoming mail and prevent inbox clutter by providing folders. You might
also be able to use Sieve for a server-side solution.

> Please change over to a threaded forum, so I can participate without
> resorting to email.

Mailing lists are superior to forums because all relevant information is
delivered without user interaction, while forums must be actively
visited. Besides, forum software widely varies in usability, while each
user can freely choose his personal favourite e-mail client. Also, mail
can be stored locally and is available offline, if the need arises.

> Is this something Tigris can change?

I hope Tigris will never consider abandoning mailing lists for a forum.


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