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From Allen Williams <>
Subject Repository Directory Tree
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2010 16:14:42 GMT
My subversion repository is in /var/svn. Somehow (and, yes, I'm new;
I'm evaluating it), I've wound up with the following directory structure
in my subversion repository:


In other words, to do a list of the repositories, I have to do:

svn listfile:///var/svn/var/svn

to get my projects listed.

I've tried to do an svnadmin dump and load with --parent-dir, and that
didn't work.  This was the command line sequence after I had made a copy
of the repository in /var/svn.sav:

svnadmin dump /var/svn.sav>   old_repos
rm -r/var/svn/*
svnadmin create /var/svn
svnadmin load --parent-dir / /var/svn<   old_repos

But, even though I had parent-dir as / (to try to eliminate one of the
/var/svn's), I still got /var/svn/var/svn/projects.

What is the way to do this?


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