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From Ryan Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Repository Directory Tree
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2010 17:18:09 GMT
On Jul 30, 2010, at 11:14, Allen Williams wrote:

> My subversion repository is in /var/svn. Somehow (and, yes, I'm new;
> I'm evaluating it), I've wound up with the following directory structure
> in my subversion repository:
> /var/svn/
>     var/svn/proj1
>     var/svn/proj2
>     var/svn/proj3.
> In other words, to do a list of the repositories, I have to do:
> svn listfile:///var/svn/var/svn
> to get my projects listed.
> I've tried to do an svnadmin dump and load with --parent-dir, and that
> didn't work.  This was the command line sequence after I had made a copy
> of the repository in /var/svn.sav:
> svnadmin dump /var/svn.sav>   old_repos
> rm -r/var/svn/*
> svnadmin create /var/svn
> svnadmin load --parent-dir / /var/svn<   old_repos
> But, even though I had parent-dir as / (to try to eliminate one of the
> /var/svn's), I still got /var/svn/var/svn/projects.
> What is the way to do this?

svnadmin load --parent-dir lets you add a parent directory into which the contents of the
dump will be imported. It does not let you strip out leading directories from the dump.

I would just use "svn mv" to move proj1 thru 3 up two levels, then "svn rm" to remove the
unwanted var.

Alternately, if you insist on purging all record of this mistake from the repository's history,
you can fiddle with something like svndumptool.

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