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From Terry Dooher <>
Subject svnadmin create over CIFS mount.
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2010 17:16:03 GMT
Hi all,

I'm currently re-working a backup script to use svnsync instead of hotcopy due to the amount
of time the latter is taking. 

My svn server is Debian etch running svn 1.6.11 (from source), which mounts a Windows Server
2003 share using the CIFS driver (v. 1.45). I've been successfully running hotcopies over
the same share for some time.

The script will try to create and initialise a destination if one doesn't already exist. This
part seems to break on the command:
       svnadmin create /mnt/svnbackup/repo

I've tried it manually and every time it pauses for about 10 seconds before returning:
       svnadmin: database is locked
...after which it has created the following files:

I can work around this by creating/initialising it locally and moving it into place, but this
is less than ideal. Does 'svnadmin create' do anything interesting or expect some kind of
behaviour from the filesystem it's writing to? 



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