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From Thomas Garrod <>
Subject Getting started with subversion
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2010 19:33:46 GMT
I'm sorry guys (and gals), I have a very basic question: How to you get
files into your repository. I've got the O'Reilly book (2nd Edition), but
I'm afraid is presumes too much of me.

I looked at chapter 2, page 18, and it includes the following:

...typically use this when you have an existing tree of files that you want
to begin tracking in your Subversion repository. For example:

$ svnadmin create /ver/svn/newrepos
$ svn import mytree file:///var/svn/newrepos/some/project \

For the first line: what part of this is variable?
For the second line: how do I know what to enter for "var/svn?newreos/

The path to my files on my computer is Macintosh HD/Users/TommyHome/

My command client is Path Finder is set to "Macintosh: MyTaxes09
TommyHome$" This is wrong, but I don't know how to change the
directory. All tips accepted, except "get a brain" (I tried that).

When I typed 'svnadmin create /ver/svn/newrepos' I got the following

svnadmin: Repository creation failed
svnadmin: Could not create top-level directory
svnadmin: Can't create directory '/var/svn/newrepos': No such file or
Macintosh:GraphicArt TommyHome$

If someone would simple pretend that I am a 2-year old and tell me how to
add files to the repository, I would be eternally grateful (or at least for
a long time).


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