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From Bob Archer <>
Subject RE: Big problem with svn:mergeinfo, feature branches and merging (reintegrate)
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2010 18:33:36 GMT
> Hi,
> I have big problems with reintegrating feature branches. I have
> this problem only with one reposity location.
> I show it on example:
> 1) I create branch ( feature branch )
> 2) I switch to this branch
> 3) I change/edit only one file in this feature branch! and commit (
> the filename which i change is
> assets\CrystalShop\Crystal\Shop\Abstract.php )
> 3) I switch back to trunk and try reintegrate this feature branch
> back to trunk
> 4) the result looks like this ( I show it with the help of the
> TortoiseSVN ):
> I decided, that I create video where is everything showed, so here
> is the link to the captured screen, it's online on Vimeo server (
> you can watch it in web browser ):
> I must solve this problem somehow and I want to know 3 things:
> - not what cause this problem, because I know that svn:mergeinfo
> properties on the subdirectories and on the files in the
> subdirectories cause this, BUT WHY IT'S SO?

Because you did a merge at a level other than the root folder level. svn will update merge
info on any folder or file that already has mergeinfo on it even if there is no change to
that file/folder. The info will be elided (removed) if the mergeinfo of the child matches
the merge info of the parent. You can google for mergeinfo elision to find out more about

> - how to prevent this problem?

Only merge to the root folder of the project. If you merge a sub-folder or single file you
are going to get merge info on that file. If you only want to merge changes to a single file
you should cherrypick the revisions that contains the changes you want rather than merging
a sub-folder or file.

> - and how can I resolve this problem ( I don't want to delete
> svn:mergeinfo, but as I can see it's only one possible solution :(,
> or i'm wrong?? )

As long as you are sure that the merge info in the /trunk folder is valid for ALL the child
folders and objects then yes, you can delete it on the child objects. 

Thankfully in 1.7 this problem will go away because mergeinfo will only be placed/updated
on files that have changes in them. But, we are probably 6-12 months away from that release.
(from what I read on the dev list)


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