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From Giulio Troccoli <>
Subject RE: Question about mergeinfo
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2010 14:41:30 GMT
> Another question: we do revision based merging, promoting
> stories/goals not necessarily in the same order they were
> committed in the trunk. Besides helping in tracing the
> changes in the branch the the original logs, is there any
> other utility in having the mergeinfo information?

I can't help you much about the mergeinfo, but are you saying here that you *only* do revision
based merging, a.k.a. cherry-picking merging? Becuase if that's the case you don't need the
mergeinfo at all and you can use the --ignore-ancestry option of the merge command to not
store any mergeinfo. The history is preserved regardless of the mergeinfo. But, you probably
mean you do cherry-picking merging from trunk to branch and then reintegrate the branch to
trunk, so you do need mergeinfo.


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