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From "Vallon, Justin" <>
Subject Support for filesystem snapshots (?)
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2010 15:38:30 GMT
In the svn book, on "Repository
Backup" describes some backup methods - hot copy, etc.  Given that enterprise-level filesystems
generally support filesystem snapshots, what is SVN's position on whether such snapshots are
sufficient for backups?

Suppose our criteria is that we unplug the network cable between the writer (svn commit) and
the filesystem.  If unplugging the network cable could yield a repository that is corrupt,
then doesn't that mean that there are failure modes where the repository is corrupted?  If
a filesystem insures that the snapshots behave in this way (as if you disconnect the network
cable, make an instant copy, then reconnect), it would seem to imply that these volume-level
snapshots would result in a consistent view.  If the snapshots are not consistent, then atomicity
is not being insured (somewhere between application, client o/s, server o/s, disk controller,

My follow up is whether the svn book could include a word about whether it blesses (or not)
this form of backup?


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