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From "Edward Ned Harvey" <>
Subject RE: Why doesn't 'svnadmin create' creates tags, branches, trunk?
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2010 12:21:31 GMT
> From: Tech Geek []
> So why don't we have (read as a feature) something like this:
> # svnadmin create --tbt new_repo
> and a repositroy with following strcuture is created (automatically)
> # ls /var/lib/svn/new_repo
> branches
> tags
> trunk

I have several repositories of my own, and I support several more, for
various companies that I work for.  None of them have the branches & tags at
the top level of the repo, because the repo actually contains many separate
independent projects.  You should stick your branches & tags dir at whatever
levels of the tree you'd be interested in branching & tagging.

If you did the -tbt switch, it's just a lazy way to eliminate a single "svn
mkdir" after the "svnadmin create."  Not really worth while, imho.  If you
can remember the "-tbt" then you can remember the "svn mkdir."

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