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From Andrey Repin <>
Subject Re: Subversion 1.6.13 Released
Date Sun, 24 Oct 2010 18:12:08 GMT
Greetings, David Darj!

David, I have a strange issue with binaries you provided.
I'm using SVN repository served by Apache under Win32.

In attachment is a httpd-modules-svn.conf - module loading.
Enabling it... here:

<VirtualHost *>
    ServerName svn.darkdragon

    DocumentRoot "C:/home/svn"
    AddDefaultCharset utf-8

    ErrorLog "C:/home/svn/.log/error_log"
    CustomLog "C:/home/svn/.log/access_log" common env=!SVN-ACTION
    CustomLog "C:/home/svn/.log/svn_access_log" svn env=SVN-ACTION

    <IfModule rewrite_module>
<some rewrite rules, they are convoluted and pretty much meaningless>

    <Location "/">
#        AllowOverride Limit AuthConfig
#        Options None
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from

        <IfModule dav_svn_module>
            DAV svn
            SVNParentPath "C:/home/svn"

        <IfModule sspi_auth_module>
            Allow from all

            AuthName "Subversion repository"
            AuthType SSPI
            SSPIAuth On
            SSPIAuthoritative On
            SSPIOfferBasic On
            SSPIOmitDomain On
            SSPIUsernameCase lower
            SSPIBasicPreferred Off

            # only developers may access the repository
            Require group "DAEMON1\CVS"

            # And they should obey to SVN user permissions file
            <IfModule authz_svn_module>
                AuthzSVNAccessFile "C:/home/svn/.registry"

Everything works fine, when I operate with small files.
But once I start submittings megabytes of data (~500 files, ~10Mb size total),
Subversion start to break on authorization, randomly asking for password or
username, again and again.

I don't quite know, if it is specific to your builds, or is a bug in
Subversion. I'll be glad to present any additional info.

 Andrey Repin ( 24.10.2010, <21:54>

Sorry for my terrible english...
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