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From Giulio Troccoli <>
Subject Moving to Subversion for PL-SQL development
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2010 13:11:01 GMT
First of all let me tell you that I don't know much of how PL-SQL development works so I might
say something really obvious to you or more likely just wrong. Please forgive me.

I have a team that uses StarTeam as their VCS and we are now working on moving the project
to Subversion. We are planning to use an importer for the initial load of the repository which
seems to do what they want (I'm not looking after that part).

I have a problem though with their releasing process.

As I understand it, a major release is formed by all the packages and scripts, plus some table
initialisation and sometime some data (I presume for defaults and stuff like that). Minor
releases are done with patches which included only the packages that have changed from the
previous patch.

So, if I want 5.4.0 (major release), I get everything. I unpack the kit, install it, run it,
whatever it take and I'm done. If I am already on 5.4.0 and I want 5.4.3 (a minor release)
I will be sent 3 patches: to 5.4.1, then 5.4.2 and finally 5.4.3. Apparently I just need to
unzip them and I'm done.

Now, I might not be clear in the above process, so if someone with more experience with PL-SQL
development and release wants to correct me, please do. I know there isn't one way to do things,
but it's more likely that I understood wrong than we are doing it in a special way.

Anyway, if I am right, I'm struggling to come up with a process using Subversion. It seems
they do not want to tag everything in trunk because that would be like a major release (apparently
it would include those table and data things). Maybe we could re-organised the code to separate
the packages from the data and then we could tag the packages, which is more what they want.
And this way, to go to 5.4.3 I won't need 5.4.1 and 5.4.2 at all, which in my opinion is even

In the end what I am looking for with this email is some advice on how to proceed from people
with more experience than me in projects using PL-SQL.

Giulio Troccoli

Linedata Limited
Registered Office: 85 Gracechurch St., London, EC3V 0AA
Registered in England and Wales No 3475006 VAT Reg No 710 3140 03

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