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From Antonio Ávila <>
Subject Not so incoherent commit
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2010 09:20:33 GMT
Hello all, my name is Antonio Ávila and I'm an svn admin/user. I would like
to share what happens to me yesterday with a not so incoherent tag

   1. A team member commits changes in the trunk, at time t. (ending up  in
   a revision, let's say 2).
   2. t+7 minutes later, we tag the trunk with the following command:

            svn cp http://someIp/svn/trunk  http://someIp/svn/tags/NewTag

After some time another team member discover that the changes that should be
in the NewTag aren't there... And the NewTag was generated from trunk, but
revision 1 instead of 2.

So, what the hell happened?

Here it comes the answer.

Everything looked fine with svn info and svn log, the commands were right,
nobody made a mistake, apparently. And the commands looked fine on the
temporal line: first the commit, then the tag operation...

Looking into the access svn log in the server, what happened was that the
tag operation were "launched but not executed" 10 minutes before the commits
in the trunk and it was waiting for the user to write the comment. So the
temp line was:

1.- svn cp http://someIp/svn/trunk http://someIp/svn/tags/NewTag # waiting
in vim... (the rev info has been already taken trunk has rev 1)
2.- svn ci -m "some comment"  # finalizes de operation trunk has now rev 2
3.- write comment in vim and :x  # finalizes de operation, it doesn't
regather the revs infos, so rev1 is copied into the tag with the comment.

The "3" step, is registered with "3" time, instead of "1" time (what it's

Well, this is an unusual situation, but it may happen to somebody in the
future and he may not realize what happened, so here is the experience.
  Don't leave the svn operation waiting for the comment.


Also, I think that the svn client could gather the info after inserting the
comment to avoid this situation.


Greetings,  Antonio Ávila


P.S. Since I'm not subscribed to the mail list, please consider cc me if you
want to reply this e-mail.

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