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From Tech Geek <>
Subject Re: Sending attachments in email using script
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2010 00:05:16 GMT
> You can checkout the file to /tmp and include it from there. You
> cannot reference a file in your repository with a file path.

I had thought about that but it would mean that I will need to include a svn
checkout command to /tmp/ directory in my post-commit hook, right?

If that is the case indeed then I am not sure how to get the checkout path
of the latest tag commited in my post-commit hook.

As an example:
So the $REPOS in post-commit has path to the project -  for example:
/var/lib/svn/projectA. How do I get the path of the tag (so that I can
concatenate with $REPOS) that is just being commited - for examle:

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