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From Bob Archer <>
Subject RE: User authentication\authorization upper-lower case
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2010 15:30:52 GMT
> >> Hi all. I have a problem with SVN. I have the (only) user
> >> 'test_user' (in the 'passwd' file) having 'rw' on the entire
> >> repository. Why am I able to get *authenticated* with the user
> >> 'TESTUSER' (but not *authorized* to commit)? Note that only
> >> authenticated user can access and read from my repository, so
> >> 'TESTUSER' should not be authenticated, as it happens for all
> the
> >> users not appearing in the passwd file, for example the
> 'BlaBlaBla'
> >> user.
> >> Thanks
> >You probably have anon access allowed. Are you using svn or
> apache/http? Perhaps showing us your config file would help. I
> >think authorization is only applied to authenticated users.
> >BOb
> anon-access = none
> password-db = passwd
> authz-db = authz
> I'm using svn (svnserve.exe). There is a mistake in the previous
> post: 'test_user' is without the '_' character. So the only user in
> passwd is 'testuser'. Every user different from 'testuser' does not
> get authentication, while 'TESTUSER' gets authentication, but he's
> not authorized to commit. (while 'testuser' is). It seems that
> 'TESTUSER' and 'testuser' are the same from the authentication
> point of view, while they are different from the authorization
> point of view. Instead, I would expect for 'TESTUSER' to not be
> authenticated. Am I right or am I missing something? Thanks.
> On Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 4:51 PM, Bob Archer <>
> wrote:

You are possibly correct. I know that svn is case sensitive. However, the authentication may
not be. If you authenticate using lower case can you do your commit?


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