I’m getting a lot of errors when performing svn checkouts or updates. On the client side they appear as follows:


Error                : REPORT of '/svn/<repo_name>/!svn/vcc/default': Could not read chunk size:

Error                : Secure connection truncated


In the Apache SSL error log on the server the corresponding message is:

[Fri Oct 29 13:10:15 2010] [error] [client <IP_Address>] Provider encountered an error while streaming a REPORT response.  [500, #0]

[Fri Oct 29 13:10:15 2010] [error] [client <IP_Address>] A failure occurred while driving the update report editor  [500, #721450]

[Fri Oct 29 13:10:15 2010] [error] [client <IP_Address>] Can't read file 'E:\\repository\\<repo_name>\\db\\revs\\20\\20795': Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.


After searching the mailing list archives and google for similar issues I tried the following changes:

1)      Added an exclusion on the client side for my workspace folder to the Antivirus software

2)      Set “SVNPathAuthz Off” in the server config

3)      Set “Timeout” to 50000 in the server config

4)      Set “KeepAliveTimeout” to 250000 in the server config


Unfortunately none of them have worked.


The “Insufficient system resources” message suggests a problem with the server but I don’t see anything hogging memory or CPU and available disk space is fine. The repository is quite large if that makes a difference (278 Gb on the server).


Server: Apache 2.2.15 with Subversion 1.6.11 on Windows Server 2003

Client: TortoiseSVN 1.6.11 on Windows 7



Any ideas on what else I can try or advice on how I can further debug the problem?


Also, what do those numbers at the end of the error lines, e.g. “[500, #721450]” mean?



Martin Bagnall