2011/1/4 Pazmińo Mazón, Iván Andrés <iapm270409@sri.ad>:
> I just moved the directories within the IDE, it's eclipse, and worked on
> them for quite long before being ready to commit. I'm using subversive
> plugin.

If you don't have the command line Subversion client installed, install it on your system, and try the following:

Go to the directory where your files are checked out and run:

C> svn status

This will print out the status of the various files in your working directory. If the first column is an exclamation point (!), it means that the file exists in Subversion, but does not exist in your working directory. If the first column of the report is a question mark (?), it means that the item is not under version control.

I have a feeling that when you moved files around with Eclipse, it didn't inform Subversion what you were doing, and you'll see the files in the directory where they were moved starting with a "?" and in the directory where they were moved from, you'll see a "!".

I just played around with my Subversion install, and see the following:

   H:\svn> move groups.pl File
   H:\svn> svn status
   ?       File\groups.pl
   !       groups.pl
   M       updateRms.cqpl

I first moved the file "groups.pl" to the File directory, and ran "svn status". 

The first line in the status report is telling me that the file "groups.pl" is under the "File" directory, but is not under version control. The second line is telling me that the file "groups.pl" should be in the current directory, but isn't found there. Subversion may not let me commit my changes. (It might, but I'm not going to see what happens).

What I should have done was:

H:\svn> svn move groups.pl File
A         File\groups.pl
D         groups.pl

Which would have not only moved the file, but told Subversion that I was moving the file. If I do that, my "svn status" report looks like this:

H:\svn> svn status
A  +    File\groups.pl
D       groups.pl
M       updateRms.cqpl

Subversion is now showing me that I am adding a file called "groups.pl" to the "File" directory, and I'm deleting this file from the current directory. I can now do a "svn commit".

I don't have a copy of Eclipse in front of me, but you need to do all SCM stuff using the "Team" menu item in the drop down menu when you click on a file. I believe you can move files from there.

It could be that Eclipse is suppose to track drag and drop changes for SCM files, and it's not which would be an Eclipse issue. There may be someone on this list who can help you out, but you might have to ask at an Eclipse support site.

So, run the "svn status" command and show us the output. It'll allow us to more easily identify the issues you're having.

David Weintraub