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From OBones <>
Subject Re: Checkout really slow in Windows with lots of files in one directory
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2011 15:12:07 GMT
Neil Bird wrote:
>   I couldn't use the version from trunk/1.7 as it differs too much.  I 
> will try to submit the patch for someone's perusal at some point, but 
> I couldn't properly test is as for some reason my build of svn out of 
> 1.6.x svn (even before modifying it) fails 'make check':  all the 
> tests pass, but I get a load of XFAIL lines I don't understand.
>   AFAICT, the XFAILs I get after my patch are the same as before, but 
> it's not the warm PASS feeling I was hoping for.
XFAIL stands for "eXpected to FAIL", meaning that if SVN is doing good, 
then the test should fail.
For instance, you expect svn not to delete an existing file on checkout, 
so you write your test expecting it to fail the checkout. If it 
succeeds, the test has not failed as expected.

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