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Subject Re: Files silenty disappear (no corruption) 1.6.15
Date Sat, 05 Feb 2011 16:33:30 GMT
Robin <> wrote on 02/05/2011 03:00:50 AM:
> Reporting a strange incident, one of my subdirectories disappeared from 
> repository entirely. When I do a Show Log, I could not see the 
> folder was even 
> added or deleted. 
> I had weekly backups so I able to restore and compare them.
> - My rev is now 188 (as of today I discovered the problem)
> - at rev 98, the log file went blank and the entries of the folder 
> disappeared.
> In some backups, the log file was fine and showed the folder files were 
> modified. However contents still disappeared.
> Only an old backup two months ago I restored,the file contents were 
> - rev 165, the whole log entry disappeared. In some older backups, the 
> entry was blank and the Date entry become "(No date)"

Did you add, or did the already have authz based access control?
(And do you still have read access to that path?)  Since you are comparing
backups I assume so, but I thought I would ask...

Did you dump, filter, and reload the repository at some point removing
files in that path?

Either of these actions would result in log entries with (no date)...

> svnadmin verify passes without problems on current svn.
> I've been using svn for many years, this is a new repository, and first 
> I've seen files disappeared without a corrupted repository reported.
> Running windows using fs, svn 1.6.15. Client is tortoisesvn 1.6.12

If you are using an unpacked fsfs repository, check to see the size of the
file with the revision number in the db/revs directory.  Is it really 

Kevin R.

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