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From Chris Evans <>
Subject dumping part of a repository with moved files
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2011 16:30:58 GMT

I need to migrate a top level project, which includes files moved from another top level project,
to a new repository.
I've migrated part of a repository before with no issues with something like:
svnadmin dump e:\foo\svn_repo | svndumpfilter include --renumber-revs --drop-empty-revs project_name
> e:\project_name.dump
But I'm not sure what the behaviour will be for files moved from another project. 

Will the history be retained beyond the point files moved to project_name? 
Will it just reference a non-existent project in the new repository?
Has anybody got experience of this?
Will I need to dump the old location too?
Or even each file individually and hack the dump file to never be in the old project?



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