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From Hector <>
Subject Assistance with SVN layout from CVS
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2011 11:14:30 GMT
Hi, I have been using CVS since 1998 and I am now finally moving to 
SVN. After having studied SVN for the last few weeks, getting the 
server prepared and working with clients, both console and GUI, I 
think I can use the accumulated experience for a simple migration and 
new SVN layout.

We have had many revisions since 1998 and I don't think its worth the 
effort to try to re-record all this under SVN.  But what I have done 
is under CVS is checked out l the projects from the last 10 revision 
tags into their own folders by tag name:

    \rev6_3_453_3  last official release
    \rev6_3_453_4  next pending official release
    \rev6_3_453_5  I would consider this a "branch" w/ one project off 

There are at least in total 100+ projects in the total system, but 
they are not all in each tagged revision, only whats changed for that 
release. i.e, 453_5 has one project with some exploratory code. It was 
by mistake (pre-mature) that it was tagged since this code will not be 
used, but I would like to see how that is applied via SVN branches.

I "almost" got the idea of the SVN branch, tags and truck but I am 
finding myself a little lost which way to go here.

I can really use some help here.  The above would probably be the 
simplistic I can make it to go forward and was hoping to see how 
others would lay it out with the SVN framework.  I now SVN offers 
flexibility and one can move things around later, but what would you 
suggest here?

I decided to post because after I checked out the revision tags, I was 
wondering if I should do something like:

   for each revision (upto 453.3)
      - import revision into trunk
      - do a "cheap copy" of current trunk into tags

with the idea that I would end up with:

   - branch
       how do I get that one project 453.5 exploratory code here?
   - tags
   - trunk
      \current       <---- current would be 453.3

and if this the basis for my new SVN layout and then when when I done 
with 453.4 development I can commit into the trunk and also create a 
cheap copy into tags "rev6-3_453_4"

I speaking as I know what I am doing. :) But maybe I am now.  Note, it 
is critical what we maintain a version numbering like 6.4.453.4 (label 
wise) as that is how the product has worked since 1998. I would not 
how the SVN revision # only idea would apply yet.  I don't use the CVS 
revision numbers eithers. Only tags.

I hope I can get some input here. Thanks.

Hector, Engineering & Technical Support
Santronics Software, Inc.

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