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From Les Mikesell <>
Subject Re: Assistance with SVN layout from CVS
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2011 13:46:54 GMT
On 3/7/11 5:14 AM, Hector wrote:
> Hi, I have been using CVS since 1998 and I am now finally moving to SVN. After
> having studied SVN for the last few weeks, getting the server prepared and
> working with clients, both console and GUI, I think I can use the accumulated
> experience for a simple migration and new SVN layout.
> We have had many revisions since 1998 and I don't think its worth the effort to
> try to re-record all this under SVN. But what I have done is under CVS is
> checked out l the projects from the last 10 revision tags into their own folders
> by tag name:
> \rev6_3_452_5
> \rev6_3_452_6
> \rev6_3_452_7
> \rev6_3_452_8
> \rev6_3_452_9
> \rev6_3_453_1
> \rev6_3_453_2
> \rev6_3_453_3 last official release
> \rev6_3_453_4 next pending official release
> \rev6_3_453_5 I would consider this a "branch" w/ one project off 453_3
> There are at least in total 100+ projects in the total system, but they are not
> all in each tagged revision, only whats changed for that release. i.e, 453_5 has
> one project with some exploratory code. It was by mistake (pre-mature) that it
> was tagged since this code will not be used, but I would like to see how that is
> applied via SVN branches.
> I "almost" got the idea of the SVN branch, tags and truck but I am finding
> myself a little lost which way to go here.

Why don't you feed one of the existing projects as-is to cvs2svn and put it in a 
test repository to see how you like it.  You shouldn't need to prune the 
history, but if you want to, you could do it with svndump before loading into 
your real repository.   Or you may want to keep each project in a separate 
repository now.

   Les Mikesell

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