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From David Morris <>
Subject Re: Trying to revive a repo
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2011 02:35:28 GMT
Kevin Korb <korb.kevin <at>> writes:

> We were backing up the repository files, but not a dump.  We lost the server 
and we're trying to restore the repo.When we run a svnadmin verify, we get this 
back...* Verified revision 0.svnadmin: Revision file lacks trailing newlineThe 
files are all there, and they seem fine... How do we go about trying to fix the 
issue?Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!Thanks.

I suspect this error may have bunch of root causes. In my repository, the db 
corruption was a revs/* file full of binary zero ... in other words never 
written with data. My server is v1.6.11.

The broken revision was identified by the svnadmin dump command which stopped 
at the failure. The server had continued to accept updates after the failure. 
The failure was probably caused by a file system full on the svn machine.

>From the svnnotify mail box, I was able to determine the the failed update 
which turned out to be the build system creating a version tag. For this
description assume:

   1000 revision in the db
    950 last valid revision dumped by svnadmin
    951 corrupted revision
So I created a new respository NEW and primed it with the first part of ORIG.
   svnadmin create /resos/NEW
   svnadmin dump /repos/ORIG -r0:950 | svnadmin load /repos/NEW
from a client machine ...
   svn copy -r950 svn+ssh://svn/repos/NEW/trunk \
then on the svn server:
   svnadmin dump /repos/ORIG -r952:1000 --incremental | svnadmin load /repos/NEW


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