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From "Adam Downer" <>
Subject RE: confusion over external svn diff and merge on windows
Date Wed, 04 May 2011 11:34:47 GMT
Ahh yes, I should have mentioned that I have tried this change already.
Removing the "--" parameters passing to diff3 performs a three-way diff
of the files passed. I am after a three way merge, so this would be more
like what I am needing to specify.


Base being the file at the revision at which the branch was taken.

Using exactly what is suggested does present the kdiff window, after
complaining about having a -E passed to it. It does have source in the
various panes, although I am uncertain if they are round the right way
at this point (that is for me to work out later). And when I close the
window (after resolving the conflicts) I am not presented with the
option to resolve the merge conflict, so svn still thinks the file is in


Adam D

> A glance at the man page for kdiff3 shows that it expects the three 
> files on the command line without options given in the SVN Book's 
> sample diff wrapper.
> Try changing
>   %DIFF3% --older %OLDER% --mine %MINE% --yours %YOURS%
> to
> Steve


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