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From Chris Evans <>
Subject svnsync path not found
Date Mon, 23 May 2011 17:28:15 GMT

I'm having issues using svnsync between 2 HTTP repositories. All was working well, but now
I get the following error when running "svnsync.exe synchronize https://server/svn/repo/"

	svnsync: '/svn/repo/PROJECTTest/trunk/PROJECT/Util/Test/TestSvn/TestCommitFile/ExistingFile.txt'
path not found

That file looks fine using svn log and svn cat.I get the following errors on the target SVN

	Could not CHECKOUT resource /svn/ repo /!svn/ver/222731/PROJECTTest/trunk/PROJECT/Util/Test/TestSvn/TestCommitFile/ExistingFile.txt.
 [409, #0]

	Could not get created-rev of transaction node.  [404, #160013]

	File not found: transaction '222731-4rvu', path '/PROJECTTest/trunk/PROJECT/Util/Test/TestSvn/TestCommitFile/ExistingFile.txt'
 [404, #160013]

Attempting to find that transition on the source server fails with:

	svnlook: No such transaction

Running the syncsync again errors with a different transaction number.

Any ideas what could be causing this.
I'm using svn version 1.6.16 on VisualSVN Server 2.1.7



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