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From "Daniel Schepler" <>
Subject RE: Disabling automatic setting of svn:executable property
Date Fri, 27 May 2011 18:11:18 GMT
The problem is that any file created by a non-Cygwin Windows program will show up in Cygwin
as mode 777 by default, unless you do a chmod from the Cygwin shell afterwards.  What I'm
looking for is a solution that would be convenient for the Cygwin/Windows users and not subject
to the "user needs to do N things before every svn add / whoops, user forgot step M out of
N" problem.

I spent a bit of effort when we did our recent cvs2svn fixing up inconsistent permissions
in the old CVS repository.  But it looks like pretty soon we'll have a similar situation in
the Subversion repository unless we can find a good way to prevent execute bits from being
accidentally set.  I'd hate to have to set up a draconian pre-commit hook that rejects commits
setting non-program/script files to executable.  And I would find it hard to believe we're
the first to have this issue.

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From: Bob Archer [] 
Sent: Friday, May 27, 2011 6:43 AM
To: Daniel Schepler;
Cc: Jesse Liesch
Subject: RE: Disabling automatic setting of svn:executable property

> We have a lot of users using Subversion under Cygwin, which means that 
> any files they add get marked as executable by default (and almost 
> always uselessly).  Is there any way to disable the automatic setting 
> of the svn:executable property on an "svn add"?
> The closest thing I see in the manual is --no-auto-props, but that 
> doesn't seem to have the desired effect in a quick test.
> --
> Daniel

Is the execute property of the file on? I expect it is. Use chmod to turn it off before adding
the file. 

(this is mostly an educated guess since I don't use cygwin).


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