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From Bob Archer <>
Subject RE: Random files being "reverted" on one repository
Date Thu, 12 May 2011 15:14:13 GMT
> Hi Bob,
> > Does the same team us more than one repository? Or is each repo
> used by different people and teams?
> >
> >
> Some members of this team do work with other repositories. But this
> small team (7-10 active devs)  is the only one that touches this
> problematic repository.

This makes me think it isn't the repository but the users and the tools/procedures they are

> > Is the update funky when there is no file on the disk, or only
> when merging into an existing file?
> >
> >
> Both are true...if the file never existed locally before, it
> arrives
> funky. And if it did exist before, it ends up funky.

Ok, this leaves out the encoding possibility... because I think that would only show issues
during an update in which it is merging changes with the current file on disk.

> > What encoding are the files using? I have found that svn doesn't
> really work well with Unicode files.
> >
> I had thought that different encoding on different
> workstations/files
> might be an issue, but don't know of a good way to investigate (I
> found
> a Unix tool, but nothing concrete for Win7). Did you mean the files
> on
> the various workstations, or are you thinking of some setting on
> the
> server-side? Please suggest how to best check the encoding(s?) to
> answer
> your question.

Most good editors allow you to view the current encoding on a file. I use Notepad++ and it
is able to tell you the encoding of a file you open. You also might want to see if svn:mime-type
is set on any of the files that have problems. 

> I should mention that at least one member of this team is using a
> 32-bit
> PC/OS and 32-bit current version of Tortoise, the others are using
> 64-bit versions of the OS/Tortoise combo.
> > Is it always the same file(s) or different ones each time?
> >
> Different files each time the incident is observed. This incident
> is not
> observed after every update---only occasionally.

Yes, that's the worst kind of problem to fix. Although, I'm sure you will figure it out when
you find that it isn't "random" and actually happens after "something specific" each time.
But, until you narrow that down I doubt you'll be able to "fix" it.


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