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From xinfli <>
Subject When integrate with Apache, how to set subversion access with DOMAINNAME\UserName?
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2011 06:07:30 GMT
Hi, all

I'm using subversion integrated with apache 2.2 with LDAP
authorization on Windows 2003, the config of subversion in apache
httpd.conf looks like this:
<Location /svn>
  DAV svn
  SVNParentPath "D:/SvnRepositories"
  SVNListParentPath On
  SVNReposName "Subversion Repositories"
  SVNIndexXSLT "/SvnStyle/svnindex.xsl"
  SVNAutoversioning On
  AuthType Basic
  AuthName "Subversion Repositories"
  AuthBasicProvider ldap
  AuthzLDAPAuthoritative off
  AuthLDAPBindDN "CN=SCMbot,OU=lab,DC=domainname,DC=com"
  AuthLDAPBindPassword "password"
  AuthLDAPURL "ldap://,DC=com?
sAMAccountName?sub?(objectClass=*)" None
  Require valid-user
  AuthzSVNAccessFile "D:\SvnRepositories\svnaccess.authz"

This configuration works find, but when we access subversion
repository, we can only use user name only; by example, I can access
it with my domain account name "xinfli", but when I use "domainname
\xinfli", it will failed.

This is not a problem for intranet subversion using, but we need
publish the code repository to internet with Microsoft Forefront
Threat Management Gateway, every time we access subversion code
repository, FF TMG will add domain name for user name by default (When
been asked user name, I inputted "xinfli", but FF TMG will change it
to "domainname\xinfli", and this will failed to access subversion).

I did not find how to disable FF TMG to add domain name, So I hope I
can find a way to set subversion to be access with "DOMAINNAME
\UserName" account name format.

Does someone has any suggestion? appreciate for any help.


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