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From Josh Cepek <>
Subject 1.7.0-alpha2 testsuite pysqlite complications with CentOS
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2011 22:32:19 GMT
I was building the subversion 1.7.0-alpha2 pre-release in a CentOS 5.6 
environment and encountered an interesting problem with the new 
dependency for python's sqlite support.

CentOS seems to name the site python library 'sqlite' while the 
subversion system expects to import 'sqlite3'. This causes the test to 
halt accordingly on the first python test when the import fails.

I'm not sure if the solution is to have the distro packager of the 
python-sqlite package update the site paths (or at least symlink sqlite3 
-> sqlite) or to patch the svntest library to handle this case. Both 
methods worked as expected for me, and allowed the test suite to continue.

In the event we want to support this within the 1.7.x test suite, I've 
attached a patch to svntest/ that adds an additional try 
clause to import sqlite as sqlite3. I'm not sure if there are any 
historical implications (read: a previously named sqlite library) to 
this patch.

If the Subversion devs view this as a completely upstream problem I may 
file a bug there, but the chances of it getting fixed are pretty low 
since CentOS just repackages what RHEL provides.


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