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From David Mehler <>
Subject svnserve serving svn repos with questions
Date Sat, 16 Jul 2011 16:46:13 GMT
Hello List,

I'm wanting to set up networked subversion repositories. This is on a
CentOS linux machine, I've got subversion 1.6.8 installed from rpm

Due to the access methods needed by my users svnserve would be the
best option. I've got the directory parent path /var/svn and under
that there's a repos# for each project where number is 1, 2, etc.

I'm wanting to ensure encryption of data while traveling from the
server to the client so am looking in to cyrus-sasl, though not
finding what i'm looking for.

I'm also needing to separate users. For example, user1 has access to
only repos1 while user2 has only access to repos2 but not repos1.
Under their respective repos' each user can commit their own projects
and manage them.

I would have gone with an svn+ssh access, but don't want to give out
system accounts, and none of my user's want their repos visible to an
httpd server so apache is out.

Suggestions welcome for the sasl implementation I will need.

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