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From Vitus Piroutz <>
Subject SVN not usable on a Mac (#2464)
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2011 09:14:13 GMT
Just to file my frustration (to whom it may concern):

As posted yesterday as a comment for issue # 2464 "Canonicalize / stringprep UTF-8 filenames
to handle composed / decomposed differences shown by e.g. Mac OS X HFS+".
[Reminder: this BUG was originally filed on 2005-12-03 (currently is P2, unscheduled target

After switching to a Mac and using SVN the first time on that platform, i initially was impressed
by the nice looking GUI's (e.g. Versions, Cornerstone, svnX).
As i'm working in a mixed team (Windows, Linux, Mac) with international users, but using a
german/english filled (huge) repository, i have to find out the hard way, that SVN is literally
_unusable_ for Mac users if any umlaute (or non-ascii) characters are used in file- or directorynames.
What a shame!

Some replies from the support of my GUI-Tool (Cornerstone, as it stands now wasted money):

> "I do understand your frustration, believe me. We have had a number of complaints regarding
this matter but the responsibility for fixing this does lie squarely with CollabNet et al,
and I know that they have received more than their fair share of mails from frustrated users
in relation to this."

> "No Subversion-offical fixes are available as of yet. As soon as they are, we'll make
them available."

> "This problem is most likely related to Subversion's lack of support for files containing
accents and diacritics. "

So please provide a huge badge on indicating to international
users "Not for Mac users yet! (we can't handle your filenames, but working hard since 2005
to fix this)"

Best regards

PS.: i think i have to try Git next.

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